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Commissioned Paintings

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Interested in commissioning me for a piece? I absolutely accept commission work. Here are a few things you should know.

1) Price - I have a very simple pricing structure. Its $2 per square inch of canvas (Example: a 24"x36" is 864 sq inches = $1,728). This price does not change based on medium or material...unless you are asking for diamond studded art (which I don't do but hey, to each their own). I do not include framing in my price. 

2) Subject - I am pretty much open to the subject matter you are looking for BUT I do prefer if I have had some experience with the subject matter you desire. Example: if you want me to paint Sydney Australia, I will probably decline because I have never been there. Now if you want to pay to send me there, we can alway negotiate:)

3) Ownership rights - Just like any of my work, you own the original. If I become super famous and you want to sell if for a profit...AWESOME! But you do not own the rights to reproduce the original. The rights of reproduction and promotion of the piece will always reside with me or my estate. Even if you sell the piece, the next owner does not have reproductive rights to it. 

4) What if you don't like it - I get it, you had an idea of what it should look like and I didn't deliver. Let's hope this isn't the case but it could happen. If I am doing a location that I could sell to the general public, no worries, I will not charge you. However, if I am painting a family member, a pet, your home, or a subject no one else would want; I have to charge you.  

Still Interested? Checkout (you will not be charged at this point) and/or E-mail me at so we can begin our discussions.